Check Out the Cream Cashmere Pashmina Combo this Season

Cream Pashmina

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A wrap?

A cream cashmere shawl sounds…nice? It is indeed a great way to give your ensemble a classy look. In a domain, where most people would just consider it as a winter wrap, you can make some grand fashion statements courtesy to this cashmere.

However, the first query remains – will a cream wrap suit all colours and dresses? What if it’s a jumpsuit, will it suit that? Also, one needs to choose out the knots that you can try with this wrap, especially with multiple hues that you can choose.

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cream pashmina
cream pashmina

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Pashmina Scarf

pashmina scarf

The Pashmina Scarf; The softest cashmere scarf available!

Our pashmina scarf has a size of 180cm by 50cm. This versatile size makes it possible to wear your cashmere scarf many different ways.

We exclusively offer the handmade pashmina scarf of the highest quality. We have two different pashmina contents:

– 100% cashmere pashmina (Ring Scarf): Our 100% pashmina scarf consist of 100% pure cashmere and is thereby the softest scarf available. The ring scarf owns her name by the myth that because of her outstanding delicacy it’s possible to pull this cashmere scarf through a ring.

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