Discover the Secret Post-Wedding Perks of a Wedding Shawl!

wedding pashmina shawl

After the grand success of your fall wedding, there can be no doubt that you fell in love with your wedding shawl. Let’s assume that you had successfully swayed heads and looked every bit regal as you could. However, now that the wedding has been successfully hosted, it would be a waste to pack up those shawls.

Besides, a pashmina with its ethereal elegance will not look good being stored in a secluded corner of your wardrobe. Hence, here are some innovative ideas to use that pashmina wedding shawl even after your bridal ceremony.

5 Fun Yet Secret Ways to Utilize Your Bridal Shawl after Marriage!

  • Wear it to a beach

Especially for a newlywed couple, every moment is special. So, even if you go for a walk with your husband on that beach, you should look special too. Why not take your bridal shawl along with?

Both for styling as well as protecting yourself from the cool breeze at the beach, a pashmina shawl can be your perfect companion.

**Extra suggestion: Try spreading the pashmina on the beach to sit together and spend some quality ‘we-time’.  

  • You can turn it into a tapestry!

When you have a regal living room, you can add some artistic touches to it. Why not transform it into a tapestry? What you can do is, sew some laced patterns over it, fold it to your satisfaction and leave it to hang.

Not only will it give your home a Turkish vibe, but it’ll also make your living room area look sophisticated and unique.

  • Decorate your room

A home with original decors are naturally more appealing, not to mention visually pleasing. Hence, throw in some ideas from the internet or craft your own and use your wedding shawl to glam up your room. For e.g. – You can use them to make DIY curtains.

  • Use it for babies

If you’re planning a family of your own, then it is a good idea to store that pashmina wrap for future use. A great substitute for a baby towel, a pashmina can make an elegant and comfortable baby wrap. Keep your baby in style and comfort by using your treasured shawl.

Note- However, keep in mind if you’re using wedding wraps for a newborn, then make sure your pashmina is pure and not adulterated with chemicals. An infant’s skin is delicate and sensitive so it’s best to avoid harsh materials.

  • Wear it to work

Keep your wedding moments alive and wear that shawl to work. Pashminas are perfect for beating the extra chill and looking stylish, so just wear them to your workplace.

Moreover, a pashmina can add confidence and personality to your body language. Hence, it’s a great option to choose to win over people’s heart at your place.

Wrap your champagne bottles

Why just limit your bridal wrap for fashion and visual aesthetics!

You can use them to store your champagne bottles too! Here’s an idea, why build up a wine cellar when you can just bring out a trunk and cover your expensive Champagne bottles with your pashmina wraps.

Now, Pashmina’s scream luxury and ooze out elegance, so it’s not a surprise if you choose to use their essence to embellish your home.

A home that manages to re-awaken your aesthetic soul is one that you truly feel comfortable in. Moreover, it’s your own home after marriage, so it’s your job to make it stand out with your creativity.

Hence, don’t leave your wedding shawl to hang unceremoniously inside your wardrobe. Look for ideas online, or give birth to the creative designer in you by using these pashminas to add an artistic touch to your lifestyle.

Explore the Pretty Little Cover-Ups: Wedding Shawl & More!

wedding shawl with bridesmaids

Wedding bells usher in a sensation of nervous jitters and a stomach full of butterflies! For a bride, this is the day when she finally entwines with her love! All emotions and sentiments rush in as she sees him standing on aisle waiting for her to join him.

Sounds passionate? Surreal and dreamlike, a wedding, especially a winter one in the UK, remains incomplete without the proper fashion accessory for the bride and her bride squad.

The genres of fashion adjuncts befitting a bride and bridesmaids are inevitably a wedding shawl followed by wedding pashminas, wraps and more. These warm little accessories can save a bride from getting cold feet literally!

Cosy Little Covers – Shawls and Wraps

Wedding wraps are extremely gorgeous items working miracle as winter warmers. Coming in multifarious colours like white, ivory, cream, lavender, pink, beige and more, wraps have become a trendsetter in the last few years. They pose as striking wearable material bespeaking of an inherent artistic nature that is conventional yet modern. Transforming any bride into a vision of utter beauty when she sashays towards her love, a wedding wrap acts as cosy comforter.

Wraps are trendy and chic giving a hint of extra drama to any bride’s overall personality. You can wear them like;

  • Draping a wrap casually over bare arms if you go for a strapless dress.
  • Tucking the wrap with a glittery belt on a wedding skirt dress gives the ultimate fashion goals.

A wedding shawl comes in diverse patterns to wear for the special day! Recent fashion experts have suggested major wearing styles to keep a bride warm from the winter chill. Having a history of ancient cultural ethnicity tinged with modernistic fervour, this cover-up can be stylised like;

  • Western Village Way – A countryside cultural style of covering your neck with a shawl.

This particular pattern entails multiple styles within itself like knotting, twice-folding, bohemian wrap around and what not!

  • The Infinity Loop – Another latest 2018 trending style for a wedding pashmina.

Tying the ends of the pashmina together to create a loop and then hanging the loop over your neck gives a mushy yet comfy look to any bride.

The one common benefit of any kind of bridal shawl or casual wrap is that it does not overdo a look; rather, it gives a finishing touch, perfect in its own way.

Pashmina wraps and shawls come with reasons to wear!

Adorned and treasured since ancient time, pashmina as a garment genre was entitled as the “khilat” or the “robe of honour”. They remain unsurpassed because of the quality and gossamer soft nature. Light as a feather yet warm to behold, a wedding pashmina beats other ultra-modern accessories, any day!

  • Pashminas portray class and royal heritage that makes any bride look regal.
  • Treasured and aesthetic to wear, pashmina wedding shawl never go out of fashion.
  • Their beauties remain unparalleled till date as a match is yet to be found.
  • Vintage art settles down on pashminas naturally making a bride look mesmerizing.
  • The art of embroidery done on such garments remains defined showing signs of superior quality work.
  • Rather than artificial shrugs, shawls and wraps carry originality in their very nature portraying nothing short of authentic hand-made work.
  • Apart from the bride, bridesmaids also adore these lovelies on their best friend’s special day.

October weddings pose as perfect events to sport a wedding shawl! All the beautiful ladies gearing up for a winter wedding in the UK, you may require the elegant cover-ups such as pashminas and wraps to keep your feet warm and cheeks red. Hence, get yourselves fashionable pashminas this year so that you become a divine diva whom everyone will look up to!