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Finest Pashmina delivers worldwide. The shipment will be safely handled by TNT Royal Mail. It is also possible to have your purchase delivered at a different address than the purchasers address. Have the perfect gift by surpricing your loved ones with a pashmina shawl. All shawls are send in a luxury handmade package made in Nepal.

Free Shipping

At Finest Pashmina delivery is free on all orders for all countries. All orders are sent registered to ensure that your purchased pashmina arrives safely.

Shipping time

The shipping time varies depending the country to where the order will be send. The following shipping times are given as a guideline by TNT Royal Mail.

Please note that these shipping times are guidelines and can not be guaranteed.

Netherlands and Belgium: 1-2 days

Within Europe: 2-3 days (Germany), 3-5 days (UK), 2-3 days (France)

Outside Europe: 4-7 days (USA), 6-8 days (Australia), 8-10 days (Russia), 8-10 days (South Africa)