Check Out the Cream Cashmere Pashmina Combo this Season

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Cream Pashmina

Dress – Chosen!

Jewellery – Chosen!

Handbag – Chosen!

A wrap?

A cream cashmere shawl sounds…nice? It is indeed a great way to give your ensemble a classy look. In a domain, where most people would just consider it as a winter wrap, you can make some grand fashion statements courtesy to this cashmere.

However, the first query remains – will a cream wrap suit all colors and dresses? What if it’s a jumpsuit, will it suit that? Also, one needs to choose out the knots that you can try with this wrap, especially with multiple hues that you can choose.

Scroll down for the details!

cream pashmina
cream pashmina

The colours to look out for –

This season, pastels have taken a backseat, and it’s the bright hues which are rocking the ramp. From turquoise to yellow to the classic black – one is spoilt for choice. If not too hot for these, then go for an orange polka dot or a pink ruffle shade. Whatever you choose, knotting the cashmere shawl in the correct format matters the most!

Knots to choose for each attire

The back knot

If you intend to try this look out with your pashmina, then it is best that you choose a jumpsuit, in black. Added to this, you can get hoops and bracelet for accessorizing your look. Pull up your hair in a pony and don a pair of pumps to match this look.

The black Asos Design Tall Bandeau Jersey Jumpsuit With White Leg is the top option that you can get to ensure that this look comes out well. Take the ends of the cashmere and tie it at the back and add a clip to it.

The traditional style

When you have something as light and classy as a pink River Island Ruffle Detail Cami Top with black trousers, a cashmere can only better this look. Add on a pair of diamond drops with a tiara for the company. A pair of designer slippers is a fantastic combo for this look.

Now take the cream pashmina from one end of your hand and leave it loose on the other end.

The one end format

This format looks great with a turquoise Asos Design Co-ord In Fluffy Knit skirt. Stilettos with stone ear studs and a bracelet is a great style statement. Let your cashmere hang on to your shoulder while you enjoy the party.

Tie it up

When you have a yellow Asos Design Bandeau Jersey Jumpsuit With White Leg for a party, you are in for a treat. Regarding accessory, you have steel hoops and steel bangles with a watch. A white clutch is a must!

Now take a cream shawl and tie it by a single knot. To ensure that your cashmere looks great, tie a waistband to it.

Belt up in style

Where can you wear a belt apart from an Orange Asos Design Polka Dot Midi Skirt? With this, you can match up a pastel halter neck top and high heels.

Now, take the cream pashmina shawl wrap scarf and tie it up like a belt to this skirt. Don’t miss out on a neck piece and ear stud.

So which combo do you prefer the most? Choose carefully and do not miss out on the ear studs and chunky rings.

Hang a pashmina in style and redefine the fashion statement this season!