The Difference between a Pashmina and a Pashmina Scarf?

A pashmina scarf in recent times has become one of the biggest fashion needs! Having the capacity to wear it with all attires, it truly makes a fashionable stance. However, speaking on general tone, and for a layman, fashion in itself can be quite a mixed aspect. Since, both scarves and pashminas are used for covering up your shoulders; a major issue arises as to what is the difference between scarf and pashmina!

How to differentiate between a pashmina scarf and pashmina?

As per latest fashion norms, a scarf is a wrap around made of a certain fabric and is worn around the shoulders for a variety of reasons ranging from protection to religious norms. It can be made of a variety of products, ranging from fabrics, to wool.

In stark comparison to that, pashmina, is technically a type of ‘wool’ or silky ‘pashm’ that is derived from the underbelly of Himalayan goats found in the Tibet region. This silk, provides the best quality products and pashmina wrap is a product created out of this silk.

Difference betwwen a pashmina or scarf

However, there may arise questions whether pashmina is the material from which scarf is woven? Time to unravel fashion stances!

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Pashmina Scarf

pashmina scarf

The Pashmina Scarf; The softest cashmere scarf available!

Our pashmina scarf has a size of 180cm by 50cm. This versatile size makes it possible to wear your cashmere scarf many different ways.

We exclusively offer the handmade pashmina scarf of the highest quality. We have two different pashmina contents:

– 100% pashmina (Ring Scarf): Our 100% pashmina scarf consist of 100% pure cashmere and is thereby the softest scarf available. The ring scarf owns her name by the myth that because of her outstanding delicacy it’s possible to pull this cashmere scarf through a ring.

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