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FinestPashmina.com delivers the highest quality pashminas made from the worlds finest cashmere wool. Our exclusive cashmere pashmina originates directly from Nepal and are carefully weaved by hand.


Each pashmina wrap is crafted with great eye for detail. The thinnest cashmere fibers available today are used. This ultimately results in a shawl that feels amazingly soft and looks beautiful!

” For centuries a pashmina is a symbol of luxury. Because of its rare elegance the cashmere shawl was used as royal gifts in the old kingdoms of the Himalaya. Because of the rareness of the cashmere wool and the fact that everything was made by hand, pashmina had a extraordinary value. Untill this date the cashmere shawl remains to be a rare product. In the early years of export the supply of the cashmere shawl couldn’t even match the great demand from the West. ”

To understand what makes our shawls so special we must go back to the origin of the pashmina scarf. In the mountains of the most impressive mountain range on earth, the Himalayas, lives under harsh conditions the Hircus Capra goat.

To protect itself against the extreme cold temperatures at 10.000 feet altitude, it has the most insulating and softest fleece in the world. In Spring, the softest hairs of the belly of the goat are combed and spun into the finest cashmere wool.

Each cashmere pashmina is made of this wool and you might now have a better understanding why the cashmere pashmina feels so incredibly soft.

In Nepal, the cashmere thread is carefully woven and colored by hand. This happens under good working conditions and the Nepalese weavers receive a fair salary for their craftmanship. The manual processing from combing the hairs unto weaving the pashmina makes each pashmina unique and gives it its astonishing beauty.

FinestPashmina.com is created from years of love for Nepal. During a 5 months stay in Nepal, mainly while conducting development projects, we were completely grasped by the Nepalese culture with it’s beautiful people.

The love for Nepal was born! Being intrigued by the feel of luxury of the pashmina and the craftsmanship involved in making a single scarf, we decided to bring this to the rest of the world.

All the experiences we gained throughout our travels helped us in our latest passion: Business. Just as the excitement of going on a big trip, starting a business triggers our adventurous instinct. And making an acknowledged name of FinestPashmina.com is our latest challenge.

Meanwhile FinestPashmina.com has customers around the world who let their favorite pashmina shawl be delivered at their home for free. We believe that it is crucial for a successful webshop to have excellent customer care. Our customer service therefore ensures that all our customers’ questions are answered within 24 hours.

It is still a challenge to deliver the best quality handmade cashmere scarf for the best price to all our customers worldwide. This is what keeps FinestPashmina.com being an adventure!