Pashmina Shawl

pashmina shawl

The Pashmina Shawl; The softest cashmere shawl available!

Our pashmina shawl has a size of 205cm by 90cm. The big size makes your cashmere shawl an elegant accessory. It can even be used as a blanket on long distance flights.

We exclusively offer the handmade pashmina shawl of the highest quality. We have two different pashmina contents:

– 100% pashmina (Ring Shawl): Our 100% cashmere pashmina consist of 100% pure cashmere and is thereby the softest shawl available. The ring shawl owns her name by the myth that because of her outstanding delicacy it’s possible to pull this cashmere shawl through a ring.

Р70%  pashmina: Our 70% cashmere pashmina consist of 70% cashmere mixed with 30% fine silk. The silk adds strength and a soft shine to the cashmere shawl while preserving most of the soft feel and warmth of the cashmere wool.

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