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Cashmere Product Information – The Facts

cashmere product informationFor centuries pashmina is a symbol of luxury. Because of its rare elegance pashmina was used as royal gifts in the old kingdoms of the Himalaya. The rareness of the cashmere wool and the fact that everything was made by hand gave pashmina an extraordinary value. Untill this date pure cashmere pashmina remains to be a rare product. In the early years of export the supply of pashmina couldn’t even match the great demand from the west.


Cashmere is a wool that is spun of the softest hairs of the Himalayan goat capra hircus, a species that only exist on the highlands of the Himalaya. To protect itself from the rigid environment the fur of the capra hircus goat is the warmest of all animals. The finest hairs of this fur is used for our cashmere, this gives our shawls their unmatched softness. The cashmere yarn used in our shawls is regularly tested so we can guarantee the best quality at all times.

Fair trade

In selecting our suppliers, both the quality of the product and the working conditions of the employees were important considerations. We pay fair prices for our products and our suppliers do not use child labor.

Cashmere content

We exclusively offer handmade pashmina of the highest quality. We have two different pashmina contents:

100% pashmina (Ring Shawl): Our pashmina ring shawls consist of 100% pure cashmere and is thereby the softest shawl available. The ring shawl owns her name by the myth that because of her outstanding delicacy it’s possible to pull this shawl through a ring.

70% pashmina: Our 70% pashmina shawls consist of 70% cashmere mixed with 30% fine silk. The silk adds strength and a soft shine to the shawl while preserving most of the soft feel and warmth of the cashmere wool.


Our Pashmina shawls come in three different sizes:

Shawls: Our pashmina shawls have a size of 205cm by 90cm. The big size makes your pashmina an elegant accessory. It can even be used as a blanket on long distance flights.

Scarfs: Our pashmina scarfs have a size of 180cm by 50cm. This versatile size makes it possible to wear it many different ways.

Scarves for men: Our pashmina scarfs for men have a size of 180cm by 50cm. The versatile size makes it possible to wear it many different ways. It looks great with both casual clothes as with suits.

Muffler for men: Our pashmina mufflers have a size of 155cm by 30cm. It is very nice to wear loosely around the neck and it looks great with both casual clothes as with suits.

Washing instructions

To maintain the quality of the pashmina shawl it needs to be washed at low temperature by hand wash only. If for example your shawl smells of sigaret smoke you can simply hang it to get rit of the smell. Try to avoid high temperatures at all times: no ironing and drying on the heater.