Make the Dazzling Yellow Pashmina Your New BFF!

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Pashmina is a hot favorite fabric worldwide. You’re a true fashionista if you believe nothing can go wrong if you’re adorning a cashmere pashmina for the day.

Finest Pashmina also believe in pashmina as much as you and I do. They make them from the exquisite cashmere and merino wool, as well as from polyester and viscose so that you get a wide range of price choices too.

You love pashmina because it’s lightweight, right? It also gives you the soft velvety feel when it touches your skin and that aesthetic touch makes you go back to it.

But do you wear it only in winters? I hope not! Since you can layer a cashmere pashmina wrap with shorts and skirts, you must ensure that you do justice to that fine cashmere wool.


Color of the summer

From Jennifer Aniston to Kylie Jenner, one thing common in them is the summer color they are following this season. Yellow!

Why yellow? The hue has a universal appeal that gives a brightening effect to your skin. Earlier, people considered the yellow palette to be too bold a fashion attire, but 2018 has changed this perception.

Hence, following the yellow trend to get the best summer experience can be your new motto. The yellow wrap is one fashion wardrobe which will complement all your casual, occasional and festive attire.

Yellow pashminas help to amp up your summer attire like never before.

Carry the cashmere pashmina in more than one ways

  • Opt for a Chi Chi Mandie Dress to wear your cashmere shawl around the neckline or make it your bag candy to stylize it. Nina Dobrev often chooses to carry her scarf like this.
  • You can wear your yellow pashmina on a beach day, wrapping it like sarong to increase the temperature with your hot quotient.
  • Pair up a floral print top with a Cropped Pale Lemon Trouser Pants while going for work. Tie your yellow shawl into a French knot around your neckline. A fashion statement like this truly embodies the spirit of the strong independent woman of this generation.
  • To make your fiancé go weak on the knees, pick up the Yellow Cutwork Midi Bardot Dress from Dorothy Perkins and the cashmere wool scarf. Your date night wardrobe can’t get better than this!
  • Use the pashmina scarf as a headband. It’s a quirky and fun fashion style that will turn any lousy wardrobe day into a super fun one. Give it a try once.

Hence, you can see how the cashmere pashmina is a multi-purpose fashion accessory. You can use it as a shawl, a wrap, and a scarf. Adorning the yellow cashmere wool establishes a bold yet not an over-the-top testimonial that goes pretty much for every occasion.

Be it a house-party, an office party, or a festive occasion; the cashmere pashmina always makes you stand out from the regular fashion crowd. Hence, nothing indeed can go wrong when you adorn your pashmina on your body.

So, not for summer only, make it your fashion BFF all year round.